Monday, 5 May 2014



     Hard disks are appliances complex, very prone to mechanical failure. A regular monitoring of the health status of storage units avoid you unpleasant surprises. HD Tune is a tool of diagnosis that helps to check the status of your hard disks, whether internal, external or removable. Select the unit from the drop-down menu so that HD Tune to analyze it. The first thing you'll see is the temperature of the disk, also visible in the system tray. The first HD Tune tab contains the performance test (Benchmark), which runs by clicking on Start and check the speed of the transfer rate; the other parameters are only collected in the Pro version. Info and Health contain, respectively, data on the unit and SMART indicators, while the last tab, HD Tune Error Scan, offers a fairly quick errors scanner. As diagnostic utility - that repair-, HD Tune gives widely carving it.

      RECENT CHANGES 20 April 2013: HD Tune Pro 5.50 released. Changes: Added a new module with following functions: Check health status of all connected drives at once Detailed smart information Run smart self-test Device statistics Temperature statistics Added support for more SSD drives Improved support for + 4 TB disks Added option to restore window position and size Added a new warning level

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